Still Seeking…….

While it’s great to have found so many friends already we are still seeking (with apologies for spelling errors):


Alexis Fing, Allison Woolf, Bouakeo Sengmany, Gabriela Nanni, Houng Chaing, Janelle Glackin, Jenny McMartin, Jenny Uebel, Jodie Davis, Jody Watling, Kathy Allen, Kathy Buric, Kathy Romano, Lana Pikul, Leanne Gillett,  Linda Duong, Luba Kutsnesoff, Mgoc Phuong Chung, Mui To, Nadia Marcus, Ngoc Ky Trang, Rosemary Jones, Seng Xiong, Solidad (surname unknown), Susan Adam, Suzanne Van, Tatiana Naumovska, The Lan Tang, Thi Kha Nguyen, Thi Van Thuy Nguyen, Tina Khomenko, Tracey Myers, Tracy Young, Vida (surname unknown),Violetta Markovski and Melissa Hannan (our American exchange student)


Carl Wakeley, Carlos Aguilera, Craig Anderson, Craig Morris, David and Peter Halliday, Doach Cieu Yi, Dragon Kish, Edwin Besic, Graham Davies, Grant Korendyk, Hayden Smith, Horacia Antunes, Ivan Alexandroff, James Barak, John Scamarcia, Kevin Anderson, Marinko Pelivan, Michael Codner, Michael Duong, Ming Thong Tran, Ngoc Ky Trang, Paul Krassar, Peter Tuncock, Phillip Golledge, Quoc Viet Tran, Ricardo Rodriguez, Richard (Ricky) Williams, Sasha Veljanovska, Scott Cristie, Toan Danh Nguyen, Todd Walton, Tommy Dimoski, Tuong Ngoc Nguyen, Vincent Bronzino, Wayne North

So put on your detective hats and share your clues with us!

Bianca and Julie

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