Preunion #4, for 4

A get-together was arranged for Friday 29 May at King Henry’s Court in Penrith.  I know that sounds a little like a house of ill repute but it’s actually an 1860s church that has been converted into a fabulous gift shop and restaurant. Check it out here:

We sat at the table at lower left, right near a very pushy Marilyn Monroe decorative plate which kept trying to leap onto the table!

The gathering was planned for Bianca D’amico Bardetta, Jenny Krause Duncan, Tanya Clamback, Lisa Hanna Hughes and me (Julie Montgomery Baverstock). On the day we ended up with three as Tanya had a sick child and Lisa, who was very close to going on maternity leave, wasn’t able to take a full day off.  Bianca had arranged a surprise guest and Svetlana Sezonenko Panov joined the party.  She had travelled the furthest, coming from her home at Avalon.

I have never lost touch with Lisa and had met up with Tanya at Parkes Reserve a couple of years after school ended. Bianca and I had met at her home in 1992 when she had been trying to organise an earlier reunion.  At the time we each had one infant son, now they are old enough to drive!  Jen and I had some email contact 6 years ago but had never met in person.

You can see just see Marilyn's pink plate over my shoulder, she kept trying to butt in!

We had a wonderful time, the photo albums came out and were passed around and the lunch was delicious.

I asked Jen what was a standout memory for her of the day and she said “probably pouring a glass of coke into your lap and feeling utterly embarrassed.  But nice memory was walking up the street thinking is this Julie, is it, is it not? and then your smile which hasn’t changed in 25 years.”  Thanks Jen, you spilling that drink saved me the trouble, I am still clumsy as.

I also recall strolling along the street talking to Bianca on my mobile checking where she was as  I was a little early and spotting Jen (I thought).  So we were both doing that doubletake, maybe it’s you thing and I’m still talking to B saying “I think it’s her” as we approached the corner from opposite directions.  But what really stood out was that it was over in an instant – the time just flew by and before we knew it I was crossing the road with Jen. I had parked in the Koorong (christian bookshop) carpark opposite the restaurant and she was heading there to buy a gift for her daughter’s birthday. We were still chatting away so engrossed in our conversation and wondering if I would be in time to avoid paying for another hours parking that I didn’t notice the boom gate coming down on my shoulder.  Oops, that did kinda hurt but the sweet little man who took the money must’ve felt sorry for me and I didn’t have to pay for the extra hour.  (Told you I’m clumsy!)

Now that Lisa is on mat leave, we must do it all again…………

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One Comment on “Preunion #4, for 4”

  1. Bianca Says:

    OK…..I’m in…………..bx

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