The Double Dozen – Quick Questions by Gary Clifford

1. My uncle once: taught me how to swear in “Finnish”, ironically he is Italian
2. Never in my life: would I have thought that we would all be catching up after 25 years on the other side of school.
3. When I was five: I thought it would be a good idea to lick the element inside the fridge. My tongue became stuck, and the more I tried to remove it, the more of it became lodged. Finally I panicked, tried to yell for help and then ripped it off, leaving a large proportion of flesh behind. My kids think that was a very stupid thing to do. (Editor’s note: hands up if you agree with Gary’s kids!)

How Mrs Clifford got Gary to stop kissing the fridge
4. High School was: only a 2 minute walk for me, and when you think about it was pretty cruisey. As a kid at school, there is not too many issues to be concerned about, plus we were always active playing cricket, touch footy or handball.  All in all it was OK.
5. I will never forget: my father, the birth of my kids and my world travel experiences
6. I once met: Timothy Dalton and Joanna Whalley Kilmer, whilst they were making a movie in London. (Ed: sounds like Scarlett,
7. Once, at a bar: …..many times whilst working in a bar, I may have been a little heavy handed with the spirit bottle. Quite a few friends have had a better night than they expected… including myself.
8. By noon, I’m usually: half way through the working day, tucking into some lunch, reading some emails and making a few calls.
9. Last night: Janene and the kids were out, so I went to the local Chinese for dinner. I only had a light meal (egg noodle soup) because I had a late game of touch football.

We were down at half time 3-2 and after an inspirational half time talk, we went on to lose 6-2. In future at half time, less words and more abuse!!!
10. Next time I go to church: will probably be for a my niece or nephew’s christening. 2 weekends ago I was there for another niece’s confirmation. I am not a regular.
11. What worries me most: is….not too much. Like everyone I have my concerns, but I try not to worry about things….. Don’t worry be happy!
12. When I turn my head left, I see: my bookcase
13. When I turn my head right, I see:  some family photos
14. What I miss most about the eighties: not much, life moves on…… Oh hang on, my corduroy Levis, and desert boots….now that was fashion!

ah, the footwear of choice for the 80s teen 15. By this time next year: the West Tigers will be premiers, Australia will have won the soccer world cup and I will be sitting right here working away. (Ed: I’ll be happy if Melbourne aren’t one of the final two!)
16. If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: …… that depends on what the award is for…I am sorry there would have to be several to cover all bases.  Mum, Dad, Janene and of course myself!
17. Take my advice, never: lick the element inside a fridge, fortunately someone has seen the danger in these, and they are no longer exposed.
18. My ideal breakfast is: Cornflakes with fresh fruit salad, followed by bacon,eggs, tomato, sausage, black pudding, toast and cup of tea
19. A song I love, but do not own is: “Evie” by Stevie Wright
(Ed: you want the original on vinyl? or perhaps the remake by The Wrights (members of Jett, Spiderbait etc on CD?)
Here’s all 3 parts on YouTube, shame he is miming though
Parts I & II
Part III
20. Why won’t people: pick up their rubbish, and put it in the bin…is it so hard?
21. If you spend the night at my house: we will have a BBQ, have a few drinks, have a laugh, listen to some music, relax in the spa and look forward to a cooked breakfast.
22. The world could do without: fossil fuels, climate change and people who know how to take and not give!!
23. I am really scared of: rides that spin. I am alright going fast and straight, but keep away from me after spinning, turning washing machine rides.

I think I'm gonna hurl...... 24. At the moment I am really enjoying: still playing sports, riding my bike, planning holidays and my family life.

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One Comment on “The Double Dozen – Quick Questions by Gary Clifford”

  1. Bianca Says:

    What a Champ…….Well done at balancing your life with love, happiness and sport…Cant wait to catch up Mate….Bx

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