One Day in Your Life – 80s Music Tragics #20

The number one album on this day, when we were in Year 11, was Red Sails in the Sunset by Midnight Oil.

A post nuclear Sydney - scary

Track listing
1. When the Generals Talk (Robert Hirst, James Moginie, Peter Garrett)
2. Best of Both Worlds (Hirst, Moginie)
3.  Sleep (Moginie, Hirst, Garrett)
4.  Minutes to Midnight (Moginie, Garrett)
5.  Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers (Hirst, Moginie)
6.  Bakerman (Hirst)
7.  Who Can Stand in the Way (Moginie, Garrett)
8.  Kosciuszko (Hirst, Moginie)
9.  Helps Me Helps You (Hirst, Moginie)
10.  Harrisburg (Moginie, Kevans)
11.  Bells and Horns in the Back of Beyond (Midnight Oil)
12.  Shipyards of New Zealand (Moginie, Garrett)

Recorded and produced in Tokyo, Japan it was the first Oils album to reach number one in Australia.

Here’s a link from the Midnight Oil website, with all the song lyrics (except for Bakerman, which is an instrumental!):

The album contained tracks that were later performed at Oils on the Water.  This concert event was held on 13 January 1985 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Triple J.  Performed on Sydney’s Goat Island before a small audience of lucky competition winners, it was simulcast on ABC-TV and Triple J.  The program was re-broadcast on the then-Tuesday night music show, ”Rock Arena”. This footage later became part of the Best of Both Worlds DVD which was released in 2004.

I love this live version of When The Generals Talk (from Oils on the Water that proves some artists are fabulous in concert (hang your head in shame lip-syncing Britney):

I couldn’t go past this one.  Here’s The Best of Both Worlds featuring some very Eddie Van Halen-esque guitar spikes, great live footage and ending with some rather cringe-worthy (not so) special effects (flying sausage anyone?):

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