RIP Vic Davies

No, not a school friend but someone we all knew and loved growing up. How fortunate we were to have so many great radio personalities to listen to in our younger years. I’ve already posted about Jono and Danno (, but there was also Uncle Doug Mulray (including his sidekick Andrew the boy genius from indoor cricket, who grew up to be Andrew Denton) and of course the fabulous Club Veg.

Club Veg, aka the Vegies, were Malcolm Lees and Vic Davies. Sadly, Vic passed away on Saturday, aged 55, after a short battle with lung cancer.

Vic Davies - comedic radio legend

I read of his passing in The Daily Telegraph and smiled as I remembered those famous “Sucked In” calls and the fabulous Suburban Songs. Who could forget “Minto Man”, sung to the tune of Macho Man by The Village People? They even did one about Fairfield, to the tune of Friday on my Mind by The Easybeats, here’s a link to a YouTube video: My kids even sing the Barbie Bloke song without ever having heard the Vegies for themselves, now that’s influence! I had forgotten that my frequent answer to inquiries as to my wellbeing, “not too foul”, originated with Club Veg too.

Here’s a gallery of Vic, Mal and family photos:

A benefit night was held for Vic and his family in August, sounds like it would’ve been a great night.

I found this slideshow of photos from the night, see if you can pick who the people pictured are before you click on the “show info” tab:

Here’s a couple of articles so you can smile and remember too:

The Triple M website have set up a page where listeners can share memories and offer condolences to Vic’s family:

Thanks for the laughs Vic

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One Comment on “RIP Vic Davies”

  1. Bianca Says:

    May you rest in eternal peace dear friend. Thanks for the laughs and great memories. Bx

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