The Double Dozen – Quick Questions with Monique Poll Smith

My Uncle once: came to Australia to visit us.

Never in my life:  did I think I would be living in a small town in NZ, married to a Kiwi with 4 children

When I was 5:  I told my infants teacher that my dad was 64yrs old

High School was: the best fun with the best groups of people!

I will never forget:  the birth of each of my daughters

I once met: Richie McCaw (Editor’s note: OK I confess, I had to google him)

Once at a bar:  I had alcohol and it was not good!

By noon I’m usually: wishing that it was only 7am

Last night: I was recovering from a big weekend (Ed: OK more confessions, I didn’t post this straight away!)

Next time I go to church: will be for something I did not plan

What worries me most:  I try not to worry about things too much, although I hope my girls enjoy their childhood as much as I did!

When I turn my head left:  I see my wall planner – yikes!

When I turn my head right:  I look out into my garden

What I miss most about the eighties:  being eighties teenagers with my friends in Oz

By this time next year: I hope that we are still making the most out of life

If I ever won an award the first person I would thank would be:  not sure, depends on the award!

Take my advice never: not take up a challenge

My ideal breakfast is: Eggs Benedict, good coffee and company

A song I love but do not own is:  It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

Why don’t people: make things happen more often instead of waiting for it to fall into their lap!

If you spend the night at my house: we probably would not get much sleep!

The world could do without: not forgiving

I am really scared of: nothing really – although an encounter with a great white might change that!

At the moment I am really enjoying: being a mum and being fit enough to still enjoy all the challenges sport and outdoor adventure brings

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