Forever young and pretty boys

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Whilst browsing the WS FM website I came across a slideshow of photos of Duran Duran’s recent Sydney concerts. I don’t know about you but I know how old I am and Simon, John, Roger etc are older than me. With that in mind, I wasn’t going to click on the link to see how the boys have been ravaged by time, I enjoyed them too much as pretty boys in the day. What I DID click on was a link to another slide show of Duran Duran in their hey day, much nicer….

Here it is – with a severe mullet warning, suits without shirts, abuses against Speedos, the evidence of hairspray use at ozone depleting levels and a pants without socks alert! Also, the first photo shows more blokes who aren’t members of Duran Duran than are.  As well as  John Taylor looking like a bit like a refugee from Twilight in Colonel Sanders-esque suit, there’s a very young Roger Taylor (Queen, no relation), Gary Kemp (of Spandau Ballet) and someone pictured side on who looks vaguely familiar –


End of an Era

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In late January an envelope arrived addressed in a very neat and familiar handwriting. I knew I knew it but there was no return address to help me remember. Andrew was home when it arrived and it was familiar to him too. Curiosity piqued we opened it. To our surprise it was an invitation to the retirement dinner of Mr Graeme McMartin, former Music Master of Canley. We had lost touch with Graeme several years ago, probably due to my dislike of sending Christmas cards. Over the years we had made several visits to Graeme and Barbara’s home. The first was at Epping when I was still at school and Andrew and I had recently started going out. Later we were there with Michael (soon to turn 20) as a baby. Years later we visited at Carlingford with all three boys. In the meantime Graeme had proposed the toast to the parents at our wedding in 1989, and did a fabulous job. I remember Dot Hanna (Lisa’s Mum) telling me off (just a little bit) for seating her at the same table as “teacher”. I guess she’d had enough visits with teachers thanks to her boys and their antics. Lisa of course was, and still is, an angel!

The dinner was last night. Surviving the trip, in spite of the nightmare that is Carlingford and yet another rainstorm, we arrived at The Epping Club. What a magnificent venue! Graeme was thrilled to see us and mentioned Nick Vrcelj (Class of 1986) would be there too. We never did see him but spent a most enjoyable evening with some new friends.


Music with a conscience

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Further to my post about Spy v Spy appearing locally, I did a little Google research and found this clip of my favourite Spy song. Such a shame, nothing much has changed…..

Here’s the lyrics:

Take me back
Take me back
Before the modern times
I.D. cards and credit cards
Plastic takes the paper’s place
Feel the change
Feel the change
A number can become your name
What’s your rating, is it triple A
Are we told to do and told to say?

Half a world with plastic cards
The other half are left to starve
Can you hear the money talk
It always says goodbye

Languages, percentages
Recognise your true belief
Will the banker become the beast
Do the fed, become the feast
In the black, in the red
Do we earn our daily bread
Should we save or should we spend
Does this rule our hearts
And our heads

Half a world with plastic cards
The other half are left to starve
Can you hear the money talk
It always says goodbye
Talking sense or talking dollars
People aren’t currency

Half a world with credit cards
The other half left to starve

Blast from the Past

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One band whose songs I enjoyed in the 80s and 90s was Spy v Spy. Classic rock with a conscience, who could forget such classics as Credit Cards, Sally Anne and Don’t Tear It Down?

Spy v Spy will be playing at Smithfield RSL next Saturday. Here’s a link:

One Day in Your Life – 80s Music Tragics #27

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This week in 1985, when we were just about to start Year 12 ( and it was nearly my 17th birthday), the Top 5 singles were:

1. Do They Know It’s Christmas – Bandaid

2. Like A Virgin – Madonna

3. I Want to Know What Love Is – Foreigner

4. Last Christmas – Wham

5. Together in Electric Dreams – Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder

Dear Dolly, a friend of mine…………….

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Talking to my cousin’s 15 year daughter yesterday I discovered that Dolly, the magazine of choice for the 80s teen, was still around.  So many great features – Dear Dolly, Dolly Doctor, the tragic terrific 80s fashion and the (in) famous sealed sections.  I once had a letter published (it was about Prince) and was sent a cheque for $10. Imagine my delight to find a link to a slideshow of Dolly covers and articles from the 80s on the MSN homepage today! It was too ghastly great not to share…..


One Day in Your Life – 80s Music Tragics #26

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This week in 1983, when we were in Year 10, the Top 5 singles were:

1. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

2. Irene Cara – Flashdance, What a Feeling

3. Send Me an Angel – Real Life

4. I’m Still Standing – Elton John

5. Little Red Corvette – Prince